Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Against the clock

So the project is coming along well. Blogging has been neglected :( Sorry.

Today is the day before D Day. It is now midday.

I have 6 tech drawings (front and back) to start and finish.

6 full figure drawings.

If I commit a modest one hour per drawing that would be 18 hours.

Which means I will be awake until 6am.

Wish me luck!

There is a interesting pattern reccuring in my design development. Somehow I am always struggling with my time management at the design development process of my assignments but when it comes to the toile and final garment I always seem to have time to spare. Sewing is something I see I am naturally good at but it is not something I enjoy doing. Designing is my love.

Saturday, March 20, 2010



Trend Land is a blog who talks about all the trends in fashion, design, art, illustrations, technology, celebrities and music...

From the series Images within Images

Polapan, 1973, from Ken Josephson portfolio, 1973/1975

Sophie Calle Photographer or Voyeur?

In my quest to develop and evolve my concept for my swimwear project I have stumbled across a French Photographer Sophie Calle.  Calle's body of work pertains to a voyeuristic documentation on unsuspecting subjects. A few subjects were not so happy to discover the publicized invasion of their privacy. 

This website gives a biographical view on Calle's body of work.  

An interesting read on a an interesting photographer. 
Quite a comical way to document human nature. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Innards - where it all begins

Innards will be my personal blog that follows my fashion design journey from concept inception, design selection through to the final garment.

For this project I have decided to challenge my personal design process and create a concept before I start designing. This has been a major challenge for me, as I would usually design without this restriction on my creativity.  

And so far... I have nothing... Week one down.

Designers Block
I'm sure every designer feels this.  Will my design be good enough?
What if it's ugly?

Fear and procrastination have been plaguing me now for two weeks.  I know I need to get started... and I have. So far I have been to the library and researched books scouring for an original concept... so far nothing is set in concrete.

I think I am worried where this concept will take me? Will I like the end result? It feels a little disempowering when you don't know where you are going.

I think this is why I'm not sure about my concept as I don't know if it will work. 
Am I brave enough it give it ago? Is it the right choice?  
Should I play it more safe and choose an easier concept like 1920's glamour meets 80's prom queen? I know and love where this will go!! But I know this concept has been done before.  Can I make it look different? Not sure. Or is it time to look at things with a fresh set of eyes.


Here is my preliminary concept. It not set in stone.
But here's what I'm thinking... 
It's been keeping me awake at night. 
In fact every time I have tried to talk myself out of it. I keep coming back to it. 

So without further delay... here it is.

Freeways! ( I know.  I think it kinda weird too.)

Freeways, urban sprawl, manmade versus nature. The destruction of nature for the need to get somewhere faster and more conveniently.

(Note to self) - Concept needs more work.

What women want from a swimsuit?
While grappling with my concept I have been thinking about;
What do women want from a swimsuit?

I hate getting into my swimsuit.  I don't like showing off so much flesh. I feel like everyone is staring at me and not in a good way.

So for me I believe a great swimsuit needs to address some basic needs.

- It needs to make me look good.
- It needs to hide my wobbly bits.
- It needs to make my boobs look bigger. (this ones for just me and not every woman).
- It needs to make my waist look slimmer.
- It needs to be able to withstand the surf. (I hate it when my top comes down).
- It needs to flatter my figure.
- It needs to allow me to swim with ease. (I am a firm believer that clothing must be practical while also looking good. So I won't be adding any hoods if there are chances that when I get into the water I could drown myself).
- It needs to protect me from the sun. (This is something that resinates quite strongly within me). 

This list could go on... but enough for now.