Monday, April 5, 2010

Positive and Negative

Another element which was also very important for me in the design process of this project was defined by the restrictions of the assignment. The restriction was that we were required to use black woolen lycra as our fabric.  

Black is considered not to be a colour. A quality of black objects is that it asborbs light and all colours, thus the same black fabric  layered upon black - intricate and delicate details are lost and do not have the same impact if it were produced in another colour. 

I didn't want to design a swim suit with amazing detail only to have the effect lost in the black abyss. I wanted to design something that would be interesting and immediately eyecatching without having to squint.

How can I make my design stand out? It instantly thought about using positive and negative space to make my designs stand out.  I would use the skin as the positive and the black fabric as the negative spaces.

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