Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today I had a lot of fun. Playing with the mannequin dress ing up in the the garment I received from the Salvation Army.

The two images above are one of my favourites.  Here I have used the skirt side zipper and had it the front feature of a short mini dress I have then pinned up the skirt hem detail at the front but aloow the fabric to ballon at the back.

This image above is a continuation of the first dress, however I have then pulled the ruffle hem up higher to cover the shoulders turning it into a blouse.

I do like this idea... 

Still very simple but I like it. What a cute little short dress. This project definitely makes me look differently at the clothes I could buy at an OP Shops.  Especially when looking at the emblishments on them. Such a great way to save money.

This one looks a little like a bush turkey to me.  hehehe.

I love love love this skirt fabric.  Can't wait to turn it into something amazing.  Today I was brave enough the cut the band of batik work off and will be wearing as a scarf over the weekend to a few drinkies!  Already received a compliment from my housemate about my new scarf!

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