Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the up and over that hump!!

So this blog has been neglected for sometime now.  Mostly as I haven't wanted to pollute cyberspace with my frustrations and pessimistic thoughts.

So a very brief over of what has been happening since I last blogged.

Tedious changes were made to my pattern pieces to make the garment fit better. 

I started on my final garment nutting out problems as I went along.  Finally Finished!!

Problems addressed were;

Where the bust cup would sit?

Sewing my straps into place.
Because of the bandage like straps wrapping around the body I have found it essential to adjust them and pin them & then stay stitch them into position on  the mannequin. 

I am really pleased with the out come. Had I not constructed the swimsuit in this manner I believe the straps would not have molded into shape as well and there was the potential problem of the straps been sewn on straight instead on the curve.

Prior to this week I have been totally uninspired or enthused about drawing.  Problems with my garment construction have been my only focus in the last few weeks. I was finding it hard to focus on any other elements to my assignment.

My capsule designs are coming into my head thick and fast now that my garment is completed. I am now drawing clear decisive designs.

For my capsule collection I want all pieces to be interchange and able to be worn all together. Tying in my layer and interweaving concept for my swimsuit.

So far I have 8 strong individual looks which can then be layered and interchanged to make multiple looks.

I have experimented with layering as many as six individual garments into one look and am excited to see how many looks I can achieve for 6 outfits!!

Colour has always played a big part of my design aesthetic along with prints that clash. (print clashes is one of my most favoured looks.) I am still undecided if I want to throw some colour around or keep it very monochromatic. 

Who am I kidding - It will most likely be bright!! I'm sure the designs will still translate it boring grey and black ;) 

Happy days!!

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