Monday, May 3, 2010

Puzzle me this

Here is a an out-line of the pattern. 
I have found this very useful when I need to work out which piece goes where.

Over ten pattern pieces just for the front of the garment alone! 

Layout the pattern pieces.
Not sure where to start with the assembly...

Cutting out the fabric.

When designing my original swimsuit I was thinking about having the fabric bands attached to a nude lycra base. My plans was for this to make the construction of the garment easier and for a more modest swimsuit.

But I kept having bad visions of figure skating costumes and hated the idea that my swimsuit could be confused with a figure skating outfit.

So now scrapping  the base fabric of the garment the swimsuit will require more thought into how each piece will hold it's shape.  I will also have to rely heavily on my sewing skills. 

Hopefully I can achieve the look I am after. My understanding of stretch cotton lycra is very elementary. I am not sure if the design I have chosen is far more challenging and technical than my abilities. 

So for now  I am pushing through by focusing of the hardest part of my design and this is the front of the garment, as the fit need to be perfect so the bust is not exposed.

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