Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Patience is not my Virtue

Gillian our mentor has been giving lots of pearlers in our class. And it wasn't until Monday evening around 6pm that I began to see what she was on about.

I was having very strong doubts about my ability and design and was very tempted to throw it out and start the process all over agin with a design I knew to be technically easier. Frustrated and agitated by this overwhelming feeling of failure before I was even halfway, I proclaimed my detest to Gillian... And her words were something along these lines...

"Of course it's ugly it just pieces of fabric right now... Wait until it all comes together and then you will see."

Well... she was right!

I am more than thrilled with the out come.

I have something that looks almost there. Still a work in progress.

Here are the changes so far...

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