Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where am I

So Today was D-day for our toile. 

We were able to try our garment on a live model.

There is a lot of pattern tweaking still needed to be done. After trying it on the model almost every single piece was re-positioned and pinned.  I will have to redraw every pattern piece. 
16 pieces in total, that will be a good half day worth of work. Not even remotely interested in starting that today. I think i need to start it with a fresh mind.

This afternoon I'm going to focus my energy on my capsule collection. So far I have spent the afternoon reading through Grazia magazine, napping, blogging and tracing figure illustrations for my final drawings...

Tomorrow might bring more inspiration...

Here are a few things I've been working on....

CAD tech drawings for my final swimsuit. Front & back view.

Background image designed in Photoshop.

Image for fabric print.

For my capsule collection I want to include printed garments.  
The above images will be used in a print series.
They have also inspired my colour palate.

More on that tomorrow...

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