Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toile Two & D-day is looming

The back piece of my swimsuit has come together pretty quickly and easily, as planned.  I have only made one adjustment to the design which is to weave the right strap under over and under again as when is was on the dummy the strap was pulling away from the body with the curve of the bottom.

I really love the back part of this swimsuit more than front at the moment. I think it has a lot to do with it not being over designed.  I am kinda wishing I could just have the front of my swimsuit to be a simple straight forward to allow the back to be the feature of my garment.
Hmmm...  Perhaps all I really need to do is refine and maybe even simplify the front just a little. To my two fans feed back is good.  Tell me what you think.

So I still have to work out how to cover up that boob... Hmmm. I have left this til last. The left strap is not draping right. I'm thinking I need the cut the piece so the grainline runs diagonally.
I'm also not happy with the amount of flesh showing in the middle. 

Things to work on...


  1. Post a comment feed back is wanted

  2. You should try cutting on the bias (diagonally as you said); this can sometimes make for a better fit and works well for drapery.

    You have two wide straps covering one boobie; maybe one should cover the other boobie?!

  3. Funny you say that about my strapping, Gillian said the same thing today! Interesting food for thought. xx thanks